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Nurture relationships with your inner circle of friends, family and extended networks.

ToyBacker offers you a simple and immediate way to find like-minded backers who want to help bring your vision to reality. Your biggest and most loyal supporters are always going to be your family and friends. Think of them (and their friends, co-workers and neighbors) as your very own “small army.” Get these people involved early on in your campaign.

One really effective way to start this process is to just put together a quick email a few weeks before your launch letting them know about your project. Give them a quick note about what crowdfunding is all about, and then explain how they can help.

If they can’t help with money, they can help by sharing the campaign link with their friends, co-workers and other social media connections. Invite them to subscribe to your blog or newsletter for updates, if you have one.

Evaluate how much you need to raise.

You’ve been struck with inspiration, and you’ve figured out exactly how to make your product the next big thing. How exciting! Now you need funding to make it happen – and that’s where we come in. ToyBacker gives you a place to make your story personal and bring it to life in a way that makes people want to help you fund your vision.

At any given time, thousands of innovative new toy ideas are being funded on ToyBacker. Each of these projects is independently listed here by the creative, intelligent people who are innovating the ideas that push the limits and make the world a little bit more fun.

The inventors, creatives and techies you’ll find on ToyBacker have complete creative and technical control over their projects, and they’re each responsible for their own success.

When you’re thinking about what you need to launch your project, and about how much it’ll cost, you’ll want to consider all the facts before coming to a final decision. While big goals are totally reachable, it’s important to stay realistic about how much it might cost to manufacture the final product, plus what it’s going to cost you to market, package, sell and even provide your backers with any promised rewards.

And, since ToyBacker’s funding is “all or nothing,” you have to really focus on that “realistic” part. All-or-nothing funding protects creators from being stuck with a fraction of the funds they need and an audience expecting fully funded results. By minimizing risk, it also makes backers more likely to pledge.

Why do we believe in all-or-nothing funding?

To be perfectly honest with you, all-or-nothing funding is the best way to protect both the toy inventor and the toy backer, and here’s why.

It’s simply less risk. The bottom line is that if you need $10,000 to get your project off the ground, $3,000 won’t allow you to deliver the same quality. This is only going to frustrate you and disappoint your backers.

Set a realistic deadline.

Around here, we believe you can do anything you set your mind to. That’s why we put you in control of your own destiny, and we know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

See, you set your project’s funding goal and you set the deadline. If your project is well-received by the ToyBacker investing community, you’ll get the funding you need to make it happen.

Even so, you need to decide in advance exactly how long you think you’ll need to generate enough support for your campaign in order to meet your goal. Be careful – too long and there won’t be a sense of urgency. Too short and people might not have time to donate before you shut it down.

So what’s a good rule of thumb? Statistically, crowdfunded campaigns are most successful when they’re 30 days or less. But you can tweak that based on your audience’s attention span.

Gather a small fundraising team.

One of the most important factors in a successful ToyBacker campaign is your ability to get the word out. The more people who share, talk about and donate to your campaign, the more opportunity it has to be seen.

The cool thing about crowdfunding is that it offers its own form of social proof that your project can be a success. That’s why you’ve got to draft a small fundraising team in advance. If you can afford to pay your team, great!

If not, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to put together a strong group of supporters. You can start by checking out your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media connections – you’re bound to have some ideal candidates in there.

Plus, you can reach out to bloggers who might be interested, not to mention other local media teams and other well-connected people who could help get the word out.

Have a marketing plan.

Want to increase your chances of success? Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute! Start planning now for a successful campaign.

With ToyBacker, the whole campaign, from creation to payout, can be done from the comfort of your home (or anywhere you can get an internet connection).

Our users enjoy our beautifully simple, easy-to-use front and backend displays to track payments and supporters, and it couldn’t be easier for you to rally support for your amazing idea – and ToyBacker offers the best way to start building your support network in a safe and flexible environment – and you can do it with zero hassles. User-friendly? Definitely.

As you’re preparing for the big day, keep your “small army” in mind in the days leading up to launch. Two days in advance, take some time to pre-write personalized emails to each of your group of supporters, and then get them scheduled to send out the morning you launch your campaign.

Create an awesome, personal crowdfunding page.

You might think you need to have your product fully made and ready to sell before you can get funding help, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, a prototype doesn’t hurt, but it’s really not needed, if you can express yourself well enough!

Some ToyBacker success stories started with a post that took a few minutes and a crazy-brilliant idea. Others are more detailed, developed and defined. These are statistically more successful, because in addition to the days, weeks, months or even years spent developing their ideas, these toy inventors spend weeks constructing their project pages, creating video and other content, not to mention setting up rewards for their investors.

Speaking of video, remember that a good video can offer a big boost to any ToyBacker project. Also of note: bringing out an emotional reaction in your potential backers will make them far more likely to pull out their wallets.


Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to launch your ToyBacker campaign! Here is where you’ll start really engaging your “small army” — made up of everyone who already knows about your project and those who are excited to help you get your project off the ground!

But what if you don’t meet your goal? Does that mean you don’t get the money?

Funding at ToyBacker is all-or-nothing, and that’s a really good thing. Look at it this way. If you don’t meet your goal, there’s an opportunity of a lifetime available for you – and it’s called the opportunity for improvement – sort of a pre-market testing phase, if you will.

The Toy-Backer community offers a sort of cross-section of the market. If people want to back your toy ideas, you can assume there is a market for them. If they don’t get the funding you need, then you’ve got something to consider.

Rather than hanging your head and giving up, try to look at at it objectively (as an opportunity instead of rejection), take the time to figure out what it was that caused people to avoid backing the project. Then you can tweak your approach to fix the issues.

In either case, your idea will almost definitely be more successful in the long run if you get funding at ToyBacker – plus, you’ll be more likely to get funded.

Reach out to your inner circle and extended networks.

Most successful campaigns are boosted by friends and family, who often account for up to 30 percent of the total contributions on a project – and if you can get them to contribute over the course of the first few days of the campagin, even better.

Interesting Fact: According to researchers, people who don’t know you personally are more likely to start getting involved once you get funded beyond 20 or 30 percent of your goal.

Engage, update and thank your backers.

Once your campaign gets going, it’s time to jump on the momentum and keep it flowing. Now is when you get busy engaging your friends, family and extended networks on that page (and in your social networks).

You should also be sure to post (and share) plenty of updates on the page – from simple “thank you” notes to each of your backers to updates on the funding and the project itself.

It is a good idea to prepare a series of updates in advance so you don’t find yourself at a loss for words when the big day happens. Remember: planning ahead is a big key to your success.


Congratulations! You’re on your way. With the right tools and a solid plan in place, you’re on the road to success! Keep your head up and stay focused on the goal.

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