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Carlos Lopez is a driven professional with nearly two decades of experience in concept development, product sourcing, manufacturing and licensed goods. Carlos has a proven brand building track record, and has a keen ability to develop long lasting relationships with everyone in his industry.
Carlos' most recent achievement was creating this very site with a goal to provide a create hub where everyone could convene and make their creative passions a reality.

Carlos currently lives in New York City

A native of Argentina, artist Pablo Raimondi’s pursuit of a professional comic-book career brought him to New York City, where he first took on high-profile work drawing the quintessential American heroes Superman and Batman for DC Comics, before moving to Marvel Comics and working on such diverse titles as Excalibur, Captain America and Books Of Doom, before pairing up with legendary writer Peter David on Madrox and re-introducing the X-Factor team to the Marvel Universe. Pablo is currently working on a creator-owned book to be published by Image Comics and is very excited about finally setting The Little S.H.I.T.S. free in our unsuspecting world.
Pablo Raimondi currently lives in New York City.


Robert Lynders

Robert Lynders Associates. is a family of industry professionals specializing in Sculpting Services - Prototype Development - Molding and Casting. Lynders Associates have sculpted both Marvel and DC action figures for nearly 2 decades.


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