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Drawing and painting people are among Michele's earliest memories. From the age of five she was always busy drawing and painting and at the age of eight, she won her first purple ribbon for a portrait of a fellow classmate. She describes art as her passion, "Through my eyes to my heart and soul through my hands." Hence, the beginning of Michele's life as an extremely expressive and sensitive artist.

Goren had no formal art training. She believes that her talents are a naturally given gift to enable her to create art that touches people deeply. From the time she was a child, she taught herself how to sculpt, paint and draw - from realism to contemporary to abstract. She can reach into the soul of her subjects and captures true beauty.

She completed an Artist in Residence program in the Loogootee Schools, Indiana, and her work has been shown at exhibitions from the East coast to the West coast; she has won awards that include Best of Show and First Place. Her mission is to create positive emotion evoking fine art that touches hearts and souls of all peoples through many forms, designs and styles. All that Michele brings to life on paper or canvas conveys an unparalled spirituality that the viewer will not only see, but deeply feel. Not to mention, Knolly Nibbles, No Tail ~ Big Heart, the little mouse that was created to make the world a better place for children to learn to love themselves just the way they are.

Two paintings, "No More Mines" and "Pauluha" were accepted by Sir Paul McCartney through the United Nations in 2005, for his and Heather Mills, Adopt a Mine Foundation.

"Eight Gifts" was published by Briarpatch for an exclusive 2007 Hanukah puzzle for Barnes and Noble.

Several pieces were chosen by the Coen Brothers motion picture film producers for "A Serious Man", nominated for both Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Picture, 2009.

“Imagine All the People” was accepted, 2003, by the White House Gift Unit and President GW and Laura Bush, permanently on rotating display at the President GW Bush Presidential Library.

Goren’s art has been requested and collected by many throughout the world as well as licensed commercially to include: large corporate expositions, CD and magazine covers, puzzles, calendars and trade shows.

Some other accomplishments are with Zack Crockett, Steven Spielberg, Jack Nicklaus, Shell Oil Company, Amax Coal Company and many Executives of Amway Corporation.

"A master artist looks at an entirely different world than someone who lacks his vision. We can all train ourselves to see more deeply. When you see the world as a place in which to do kindness, you see a different world. You see a world full of spiritual opportunities wherever you are and wherever you go. A master artist takes it through their eyes to their hearts and souls and through their hands." Michele Goren ©

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