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Our philosophy
Purpose: Konstrukit was first designed to be purely an educational toy, then we modified it to be entertaining and fun! Currently we have finished are final adjustments and believe it was best to also adjust its name. ARKiT, easier for children to recognize as the shapes made for creativity. Our goal is to use ARKiT in preschools as a tool to teach elemental mathematics and logical reasoning to children from 3 years of age. The main areas positively effecting children are spatial and motor skills, algorithmic thinking, and expansion of creativity.

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Neurological Discription

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Today and Future


The funds from this campaign will only be used for the manufacturing and distribution of ARKiT. HeartWe plan to progressively grow with our ideas and ways of resolving any obstacles in our way. Our #1 possible problem is if we don't receive the total support from our community, in this case we would look to apply for outside funding in order to still bring Arkit to the public. Secondly if all goes well and we begin production on time, but somehow there is a substantial gap between our expected delivery date, we commit to sending all of you a discount for future purchases or one-to-one showing of the manufacturing behind Arkit for locals or visitors of the Miami area.

We see ARKiT as becoming the toy of the future, therefore our goals and prospect may be high but they are firmly supported by our progressive educational outcomes, crucial developmental attributes, and unbounded creative possibilities. These three pillars hold up our expectations as we continue to grow towards a new world, redesigned by future innovators.  

If you have any questions, or want to know more about ARKiT and our family please contact us directly.


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