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Part Toy…Part Art Project…Part Bike Accessory 

BIKE PetZ will be produced in May and shipped May 22, 2015.

Make your child the 1st in the neighborhood to have BIKE PetZ!

Bike PetZ are foam animal shapes (heads and tails), packaged with water-based markers, encouraging children to express their natural artistic talent. Simply wipe clean when the child's artistic vision changes.

Affordable and enjoyable Bike PetZ encourage both artistic expression and physical exercise.

mid.jpg (745×491)

After decorating, Bike PetZ easily attach to any bicycle with the enclosed universal Velcro strips. Through the magic of a child's imagination, an ordinary bicycle is transformed into a pony, a shark, a dinosaur, or even a unicorn!! Providing for hours of artistic fun, plus the healthy physical activity of bicycle riding.

Feeding a child’s imagination builds self-worth, enhances problem solving skills and helps develops a self-confidence.

Physical activity, according to American Academy of Pediatrics, enhances emotional well-being, controls blood sugar and weight and strengthens heart and lungs, just to name a few.

A simple family bike ride can be an adventure for children, especially when your bikes are PETZ, …like Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Ponies and Sharks! Activities with our children create memories for a lifetime and family traditions for generations. Bike Petz want to help turn your family bike rides into lifelong memories for your children.

Highlights of BIKE PetZ

  • Easily fits onto any bike with Velcro attachments

  • Transforms any bike into a friend and a pet

  • Reflective elements enhance safety and visibility

  • Children use markers, which can be wiped clean, to personalize their PetZ

Bike PetZ Roll Out …Save The Date

Our initial roll out will be May of 2015. Production is already scheduled and the first shipment in May 22. It will be four animal designs sold through our own online store, online distributors and into toy stores and bicycle shops across the US. Of course, as an extra thank you for your support, the VERY 1st Bike PetZ to be shipped will be those from our ToyBacker campaign.

In phase two, we will extend the line by including additional pets possibly equipped with LED lighting and sound. Additional line extensions are scheduled to include the Seasonal PetZ, such as Easter Bunnies, Halloween Scary Cats, Christmas Reindeers and more.

After our roll out we will seek licensing agreements with college and professional teams, NASCAR, theme parks, zoos and other destination locations.

Because of our very reasonable price point we feel this is a toy that is easily affordable for almost any family.


Our team consists of both family members and industry professionals.

As family members we conceived Bike Petz around our dinner table. We are Italian, so almost everything is done around the dinner table.

Unlike many start ups we were very lucky to have our team include some heavy weight industry professionals who have graciously assisted us with design, production, manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

Our team members have launched products nationally, into the health & beauty, household goods, and several other categories. We currently produce and sell over 1,100 SKUs into big box stores.

Both domestic and international manufacturers along with warehouses and distribution facilities throughout the US and Europe are in place. After a successful US launch we are prepared to start distributing internationally.

When you choose to become part to TEAM PetZ, you have chosen a winner.

Blank Red And Green Baseball Caps

Blank Red And Green Baseball Caps

Blank Red And Green Baseball Caps

Blank Red And Green Baseball Caps

Blank Red And Green Baseball Caps

DSCN0690What are they made out of and are they safe for children?

Closed Cell Foam…Many pool floats are constructed from Closed Cell foam. It is soft, supple and completely safe for all.

How do they attach to a bicycle?

It is very simple. All Bike Petz come supplied with universal Velcro fasteners which are easily attached to the handlebars and the seat. No tools are necessary.

 DSCN0602 DSCN0651 


How are BIKE PetZ customizable?

All BIKE PetZ come with a selection water-based markers. After they are decorated, should there be a change of heart, they are easily cleaned with soap and water. Because they are constructed from closed-cell foam, they do not absorb water and remain soft and supple. Simply wipe clean and decorate again.

DSCN0078 image3 DSCN0087DSCN0086

How many different kinds of Bike PetZ are available?

For the initial offering there will be four Bike PetZ consisting of a dinosaur, shark, pony and unicorn.

Image 2Image 1


Do you know when Bike PetZ will ship?

YES…Unlike many crowd funding offers, Bike Petz have already secured a production slot. The offering BIKE PetZ will be the first to ship on May 22, 2015. In case anyone is wondering why May 22?…it is my wedding anniversary, a lucky day and the start date of many wonderful things.

How will you ship BIKE PetZ from the offering?

All BIKE PetZ will ship UPS or USPS ground.


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