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DiResta - A History:


Jimmy DiResta has been a maker for over 40 years. He began his career learning how to make things while working alongside his father in their basement workshop. Every job he’s had has focused on design, fabrication and problem solving whether it be in the form of carpentry, sign-making, sets, props and more. In 1990 Jimmy earned his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and continues to teach there for over 20 years. Throughout his entire life jimmy developed a career as a Maker by designing and fabricating a range of work including guitars, toys, furniture, clothes, and hardware along with various patented mechanisms.


In addition to being an all-around maker, Jimmy has pitched and hosted a handful of his own TV shows such as; "Dirty Money" on Discovery Channel, "Against the Grain" on DIY Network, “Hammered” on HGTV, and "Trash to Cash" on FX Network. Learn more about Jimmy on his website and watch his unique approach to design and building on his YouTube Channel.


 Jimmy continues to work on custom design and fabrication of all things for all sorts of clients in addition to his new found passion of filming his process for Youtube. He started his Youtube channel as a place to provide content to enhance his students' understanding of materials where they could access videos and review them as needed, even while they work. It has now gained an unexpected following amongst the maker community as well as with folks who simply enjoy watching the magic of the build.  He feels it’s a great accomplishment to contribute to a community where open minded people come to be inspired. Thanks to his fans and followers, his channel has become a pretty big deal and Jimmy continues to receive thousands of emails, tweets and messages from fans who want to meet him when they pass through NYC. They often comment that visiting “the shop” is the highlight of their trip!


The Dream Of A Maker Retreat:

So when Jimmy invested in some land in beautiful upstate New York, he did it with the hopes to one day build a Maker Studio where he could host and and work with visiting makers. He could maybe even create a weekend retreat of sorts where individuals could take a weekend to learn, build, dissect, create AND relax all in one place... in the middle of serene and bountiful nature.

The Campaign Project:

Well this project to say the least, would be his biggest yet, and he knew he needed to have some sort of major investor to help launch this Maker-Studio and Retreat. Then one day, Jimmy ran into an old friend he happened to know though his time in the toy industry years ago. In the process of catching up, as old friends do, they discovered their common bond.  You see, this friend had his own dream. He started a funding site for creative people who have dreams and ideas, but do not necessarily have access to the money they need to raise. That friend was ToyBacker's very own Carlos Lopez. In their conversation together they shared their passion for creativity and goals to create something innovative and inspiring. Jimmy and Carlos knew they wanted to collaborate together, but how? After brainstorming several ideas, Carlos being a toy guy thought "Hey, let's make a Jimmy action figure or statue, it would be fun for everyone who's a fan because it's something tangible that represents a slew of ideas pertaining to the ‘Maker-Psyche'." Jimmy thought this was insane, as well as very funny. Being the humble guy that he is, it took a little convincing. Surely people wouldn’t want an action figure of a REAL working guy, but maybe everyone else would get it and think it was funny too. Finally, Jimmy agreed to give it a shot.

The DiResta Statue:


After months of development, planning, sketching, and meeting, the final figure is complete!








This is a premium resin cast figure sculpted by none other than Four Horsemen Studios! They have been designing and producing some of the finest action figures and collectibles in the toy industry over the last 14 years. Through an unprecedented partnership with the world’s largest toy company, Mattel, the studio has created hundreds of award winning figures for lines as varied as Masters of the Universe, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, DC Universe Classics, and Man of Steel to name a few. That is to say we are not sparing quality here! The figure will stand 10 inches tall and will feature his signature logo, the aluminum axe, and a few other surprise goodies!

Thank you all for supporting and visiting the DiResta campaign!


Make It Or Paint It: Want to create your own Jimmy DiResta?  Then this is the reward for you!  Pledge $75.00 towards the campaign and you'll get an unpainted Jimmy DiResta figure, so you can add your own creativity!


Figure will come packaged in a one color box to ensure safe shipping.


Let's Help Our Guy Get That Maker Space: Are you a maker?  Do you want to be?  Pledge $125.00 towards the campaign and this Jimmy DiResta figure can be yours.  Use him for inspiration and work the night away on your own creations!


Figure will come packaged in a one color box to ensure safe shipping.


I Want 2 Jimmys - Unpainted Version: Is one Jimmy just not enough? Want to create more than one Jimmy DiResta?  Pledge $150.00 towards the campaign and you'll get two unpainted Jimmy DiResta figures, each packaged in their own logo box!


I Want 3 Jimmys - Unpainted Version: Are two Jimmy's not enough to satisfy your creativity?  Pledge $225.00 towards the campaign and you'll get three unpainted Jimmy DiResta figures, each packaged in their own logo box!


 I Want 2 Jimmys - Painted Version: Have more than one maker in your life? Pledge $250.00 towards the campaign and you'll get two painted Jimmy DiResta figures, each packaged in their own logo box!  Use them as gifts for all your creative types!


 I Want 3 Jimmys - Painted Version: Three Jimmy's equals three times the creativity! Pledge $375.00 towards the campaign and you'll get three painted Jimmy DiResta figures, each packaged in their own logo box! Let the creativity begin!


 I WANT MY SPIKE! Pledge 25.00 for your very own Spike. Or just to get Jimmy to his goal!


What Is The Purpose Of Funding This Campaign:
Your funds or contributions will go toward two things:
 1. Paying for the initial preorders of the DiResta limited edition figure and mailing it out to each of you who've been amazing enough to help by purchasing either the painted model or the DIY paint your own model.
 2. The rest Jimmy will use to put the initial deposit in to start breaking ground on his Maker Space Retreat. We really hope you guys can help this dream become a reality!!
Production Timeline For The Statue (If Funded):
 The production time on the campaign (if funded) will depend on just how many figures are purchased.  Although the figures were sculpted and hand painted here, this was just 2 master figures.  The mass production of these figure will occur overseas and all will still be hand painted.  The typical lead time works like this:
Pre-production: 20 days - This is when the factory makes sample mass production and both DiResta and the ToyBacker team approve it.
 Production: 60 days - This is when the fully approved figure goes into mass production and gets hand painted one by one.
 Overseas Shipping: 30 days - Once the goods are prepared and completed it will take about 30 days to get to us.
 Shipping To You: 14 days - We hope to turn this around quickly to you once we get the finished sample (at least two weeks).
Total Time: About 120-130 days AFTER the campaign is completed and fully funded.

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