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Check Out This Special Message From Michele Goren!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to ToyBacker! We are here to introduce you to America’s new sweetheart, our little mouse, Knolly Nibbles!  Thanks so much for visiting our campaign and taking a peek at what we know is just the beginning of a character that will capture your hearts the way she has captured ours.


Knolly Nibbles was born from the heart of her creator, Michele Goren. Out of pure love and empathy, Michele sought out a way to create a very special character for children seven years ago. She wanted every child (and the child in every adult) to know; no matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like or what they’ve been through, they are beautiful, just the way they are.

This very message is what made TEAM KNOLLY come together, comprised of toy designers, artists, composers, voice-over artists, Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks Animators, a savvy law team, and all lead by the founder, Michele! We all knew this was a winning combination that can take Knolly to the top and make her a household name. And now we are all Nibblers!

In Knolly’s first book you’ll discover a tale of, well, TAILS … you see, Knolly was born without a tail and two heart shaped ears. So, she goes on a long and seemingly never ending quest for the Perfect Tail that will best fit her unique personality. We accompany Knolly on some pretty adorable adventures and eventually help her find her true self where she realizes she has always been special, tail or no tail.


We know our Knolly Nibbles book is a great any time book, and an even greater message to children to learn how “Different IS Special” and “Unique IS Special”, reminding them to love themselves just the way they are! We also know Knolly is so adorable she is the sweetheart icon character America has been waiting for!!

But WE need YOU, our TOYBACKERS to help us. In the next 30 days our goal is to raise enough funds to promote this fantastic intellectual property. HOW? Simply back us at a level you are comfortable with! We know when others see you with our Knolly products, they will ask, “WHERE DID YOU GET HER!!??” We’ve created an amazing line of plush that is so cute any child would love it as a gift. Each Knolly plush is sold with a book! We have different sizes and we even have a cuddly Pillow Playset. All we need is your help to reach our goal amount here to make our first full production run! YUP, that’s it!!

Additionally, TEAM KNOLLY Believes in Knolly Nibbles so much, we’re offering (for the first time ever!) Licensing Level support pledges! This means if you are a company BIG or SMALL and pledge any one of our Licensor Levels, we will commit our brand to you for that specific level!! It's that simple!

SO, would you like to become a Nibbler with us? All you have to do is fund us and purchase our adorable Knolly items! Help us get America to say HELLO KNOLLY!


C’mon, Be A TOYBACKER!!!!!!! Let’s Believe Together!





















What Is The Purpose Of Funding This Campaign:
Your funds or contributions will go toward two things:
 1. Paying for the rewards for each level that is purchased.
 2. The rest Michele and the Toybacker team will use to prepare Knolly's world for the licensing world!  This includes securing the legal, designing the style guides, and getting Knolly ready for her next big adventure!
Production Timeline For The product (If Funded):
 The production time on the campaign (if funded) will depend on just how many items are purchased.  Each item will need to go through the complete design and approval process.  The mass production of these items will occur overseas.  The typical lead time works like this:
Pre-production: 40 days - This is when the product development team design the item and the factory makes samples for mass production and both Michele Goren and the ToyBacker team approve it.
 Production: 60 days - This is when the fully approved sample goes into mass production.
 Overseas Shipping: 30 days - Once the goods are prepared and completed it will take about 30 days to get to us.
 Shipping To You: 14 days - We hope to turn this around quickly to you once we get the finished sample (at least two weeks).
Total Time: About 120-130 days AFTER the campaign is completed and fully funded.

Important Licensing Information:

Is Knolly a trademarked intellectual property?  Yes, Knolly Nibbles and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Michelle Goren.  All Rights Reserved.

By contributing the required LICENSING LEVEL contribution, the contributor secures a first right of refusal opportunity to: (a) learn more about the KNOLLY NIBBLES property via discussions, PowerPoint presentations, etc.; and (b) commence negotiations on the long-form license agreement.

All LICENSING LEVEL contributions are fully refundable if the contributor informs Toybacker of its election to not enter the long-form license agreement.

Once the contributor and licensor sign the long-form license agreement, the relation is binding and the LICENSING LEVEL contributions shall be treated as an advance and fully recoupable from royalties otherwise due and owing to the licensor.

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