The Little Super Heroes In Training Squad

A new Animated Web Series and line of Action Figures

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The Little Super Heroes In Training Squad (A.K.A. The Little S.H.I.T.S.) is an animated show about a team of five super-powered kids intent on saving their hometown... while inadvertently obliterating it. It's a blatantly twisted comedy with elements of social satire and wrongful observations on human existence. Its subject matter includes obsessively disturbed super-villains, extraordinary adventures gone horribly wrong, retired super-heroes' embarrassing secrets, and a TV show called 'Eat Me'. Think the boldness of 'South Park' with the tone of 'The Powerpuff Girls'.

Or... at least that's what the show will be once we get the funding for it, which brings us to the reason behind this campaign: in order to make it a reality, we need your help. With your support (and by 'support', we mean 'cash'), we are aiming to produce both our first web-isode and our first set of action-figures.

'Sure', you say. 'But what does my support actually get me?'

Funny you should ask. Well, besides our eternal gratitude, we have also come up with several exciting rewards for you to choose from. You can read all about them as you scroll down this menu. And if we double-up on our goal, we are planning to unlock even more reward levels releasing additional action-figures for each one of the members of the team! But more on that once we get there...

In the meantime, here are some character bios for you to read and get to know our heroes-


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We also have some pretty awesome stretch goals planned.  How do stretch goals work? Its simple:  If we exceed our $5,000 goal and reach $10,000, we will unlock another one of our limited, premium resin action-figures.  We will then keep on unlocking an additional action-figure for each $5,000 raised after that, until we complete our team.  And here's what's awesome about this: anyone who pledged $100.00 or more will be able to order these additional figures through an 'add-on' pledge of $25 a piece.

As a preview of the first reward level that we are planning to unlock if we double our goal, here's an early, work-in-progress look at our Kakkler figure!

(Note: Final Resin figures will be fully painted and come in a limited-edition package.  We will be sure to update you with visuals as the campaign continues.)


The Little Super Heroes In Training Squad is an animated comedy created by Carlos Lopez (co-founder of ToyBacker) and Pablo Raimondi, a Marvel and DC Comics veteran comic book artist.  the action-figure premium resin prototypes will be sculpted by another Marvel and DC vet, sculpting genius Robert Lynders. Estimated shipping date for all rewards is September/October 2015.

We will be updating our campaign page with new content as it becomes available...

To all our backers and supporters, thanks again for your efforts and good contributions!

What is our biggest risk?

Our biggest risk is running into unforeseen scheduling that may not allow us to complete the animated trailer on time. But we will finish it!  Our goal is to have the trailer completed and ready by sometime in August.  This trailer will be under 10 minutes in length, and packed with laughs and humor.

The purpose for the trailer is to help promote and build our Little S.H.I.T.S. brand! But also to create a fun and different series that has has been, by name alone, too risky for mainstream media up until now.

With the money we raise it will give us enough to complete our webisode trailer.  Any funds we raise beyond our goal, we will first use to unlock our stretch goals and reward all our backers as promised. The rest will  go directly into creating more webisodes and completing our action figure line.

A reminder to all our supporters, Once the campaign is completed it take 120 days to complete, fulfill and ship all our rewards.   We will also keep you updated on this during and after the campaign.

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