By Jason Reilley

So, SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) happened last week, in case you guys didn’t know.  Aside from all the amazing CosPlay, comic, TV & movie panels, and tons of celebrity appearances, my favorite part of the Con are the exclusive toys done for the show.  This year three were a must buy for me: Mattel’s Thundercats Wily Kit and Kat Set, She-Ra Barbie and Infinite Heroes Wonder Woman Invisible Jet (reviews to come).

As much as I love ComicCon, I don’t go anymore as large crowds are a serious downer to me.  It’s clinical.  I can’t take ‘em.  This makes getting the goodies problematic.  Thank the Gods for eBay and the enterprising people willing to brave the lines to sell said goodies online for a profit.  I am not being glib, SERIOUSLY, I thank them from the bottom of my toy-grubbing heart.  As soon as I saw what the exclusives were going to be, I went to eBay and preordered (you can still find most everything on there for reasonable prices).

About two days ago, Wily Kit and Kat came in the mail.  I couldn’t have been more excited.  I’m opening up the box for you guys, but I’m not quite ready to actually remove the figures.  I’m still marinating on how to display them.  Below is my review and pictures for you to pour over.

Before you see the figures, you get a beautiful black & white shipper to open.  Standard MattyCollector fair except this is a bit more elaborate for SDCC.  Upon opening the shipper, you pull out a beautiful acetate box that really shows off the Thunderkittens.  Kat is on the left holding exploding pellets and Kit is on the right holding her Flick.  Both are posed riding their Space Boards.  Kat comes with three extra hands (in different positions) and a removable tan coiled and uncoiled Flick.  Kit comes with two extra hands and a removable pink coiled and uncoiled Flick.

With just two simple cuts of transparent tape, the acetate comes off, granting access to the Wily Duo.  The Kittens look like they’re flying away from Cat’s Lair.  A nice surprise bit of packaging is the fold out bottom that lets you show Lion-O with either the Sleeping or Awake Eye of Thundera. On the opposite sides, Rankin Bass style art makes a nice little diorama.

The figures are BEAUTIFULLY sculpted by the Four Horsemen.  Each stands approximately 5.5” tall and have 13 points of articulation.  The paint detail is cartoon accurate (you know my obsession with that) and the facial expressions are nearly perfect.  I particularly love the proportion of head to body.  Two stands are included that let the Space Boards “hover”.  If the rest of the line is like this, I’ll be elated.

There is a slight bump, apparently.  Due to licensing problems, the line MAY be cancelled before it gets a real start due to the change from Digital River to Super7.  Let’s hope they can work out a deal with Warner Brothers (fingers crossed).  Watch Pixel Dan as he speaks with Brian Flynn from Super7 about the future of Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats here.

If the line does continue, which characters would YOU like to see?  I’d love to see Mumm-Rana, Mandora the Evil Chaser (with Electro Charger) and the Warrior Maidens myself.  Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time fellow tas